Friday, January 20, 2012

Blood does not make a family!

Most of you know I have three children but only some of you know I have 2 spares.  This is a term I have used for many years when referring to my god son and his older brother.  You see his mother and I have been friends since 1st grade (she is my second oldest friend).  After this long she is really more my sister than a friend at this point.  I have been very involved in both of these boy's lives and them in mine.  They are a part of me.  This week the oldest graduated from basic training and AIT training from the army.  As any family would we backed are cars and started out late at night and drove over 500 miles to be there for his big event.  We took of work took our other children out of school at did what was necessary.  You ask any of the 9 people in our party and not a one would have been anywhere else.  Twelve plus hours in the car gives you time to lots of things, thinking is a big one.  While thinking and observing I have learning many things over the week so here they are.

1. Blood does not make a family. (Ok, I knew this before)
2. My sister and their step father has raised to incredibly amazing young men (and one pretty awesome girl).  They are smart, caring, independent and responsible.  Luke has showed us the things he was raised with deep down in side that the army has brought to the surface.  His future is bright and with his abilities I know there is nothing he can't do.  I am proud to have him in my family and hope that I help to shape the man he has become. 
3. The sense of pride that overcomes you as you watch others realize the potential that you always knew someone had is too much for words.
4. Kids grow up to fast.  It was only 19 short years ago I was sitting in the maternity ward waiting for the little blessing to come.  I was only 10 short years ago when I was telling him I didn't want to hear anymore technicalities of how what he was doing was not breaking the rules. And only 1 short year ago when I was helping to teach him how to drive, and praying for my other children's safety since they were in the car, before he left for the army.  Again, kids grow to fast.
5. Enough of the sappy stuff.  Pennsylvania has the worst construction zones. They are narrow and bumpy and make me hyperventilate.  I was much happier driving in any of the other states.  So PennDot you suck!
6. The only time I got pictures of my other children was when they were sitting to eat because it was the only time they were moving slow enough for the camera to catch them.
7. Kids really only care if there is a swimming pool on vacation.
8. Technology has made travel completely different.
9. Road side rest stops are weird.  Enough said.
10. Changing diaper when traveling when the temp is let than 20 degrees is a project.
11. Toddlers do not eat on vacation, unless it's off the floor.
12. My family uses too much toilet paper.  We were only in our hotel room 2 nights and we used almost 2 rolls.
13. Walmart is everywhere.  There really is no need to take anything for a trip.  You can buy it all when you get there.
14. Coming home is twice the work of the vacation.  (I knew this before too.)
15. I love my family and can't imagine my life with out my kids, birth and spare. (Thank you Loretta for sharing them with me)

Congratulation to all the graduates from Fort Leonard Wood Missouri 787 Military Police Battalion.  We thank you for your sacrifices now and in the future so our freedom remains free for us.  We realize just what it does cost for you.  We are proud of each and every one of you including Pvt. Lucus Palmer.  CHARLIE ROCK!