Friday, September 2, 2011


This was the first week of school for our district.  And not even a full week, it started on Tuesday.   I have 2 children in school this year.  My daughter is in 5th and my son is in 1st.  We are trying something new this year instead of going to daycare after school they are going home.  Scary yes I know but they have done really well and we have been getting ready for weeks going over the rules and what is expected. Tuesday night came and along with it the usual mounds of paper work.  Added to that was my son's overwhelming excitement to be back in school complete with homework which he black marker.  I'm sure the teacher will love this.  I decide I will dive into the mom homework after dinner and the kids are settled down ready to go to bed.  The problem is they never settled down and I must remember to make a note to self for next year to buy a really nice and comfortable pen for me for the first night of school. That tells you how my weeks started.  Let count other things that have happened already this week.  Remember 4 school days.  Number of days kids ate breakfast-2 Number of forms forgotten to return 1+ pictures for each kid (not counting because they weren't really forms.) Number of lunches forgotten 1 Number of days late 1  All in all it could have been worse.  I think of it as a success.  I mean if I was a baseball team I would be way over 500.  Some how looking around my house at the total disaster I have going on trying to keep this all together it doesn't feel like a win.  In fact last night I found my self saying "  I can't believe that I wanted school to start again. What was I thinking?"