Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enough is enough!

It seems like for years we have been fighting a loosing battle with clutter.  I'm not sure why it happens and beleive me I have tried to figure it out.  Maybe it was because we started out with so little we really appreciated everything we got.  Maybe its because our mothers can't throw ANYTHING away.  Maybe it's just a sickness and we need help.  I have decluttered many times just for it to come back.  I really beleive this time is it.  I have enrolled in many organizational bootcamp websites that show me it didn't get cluttered in a day it won't get uncluttered in a day.  Despite that I still took yesterday off work to organize my life.  With three kids, a full time job, a husband, many animals and a bazillion other things going on it finally became enough to never know where the dance shoes were or where the soccer uniform was or be able to find a clean sippy cup.  Yes I am tired of emailing the teacher  for another one because I can't find the permission slip for the fieldtrip tomorrow. And needing another cheerpacket because ours is lost.  Not to mention almost missing lots of meeting/events because I forgot about them.  At the begining of this week I decided I needed a me day.  Some might call it a mental health day or a get away day but to me it was a day about me.  Clearing clutter clearing my mind.  I started by writting a list I knew was way to large to complete in a day, but I figured I could do the rest over time.  Then I decided what was the 1 or 2 biggest headache areas in my life.  That is where I would start.  And did I pick a doosie, my desk.  I wish I would have taken a picture before I started.  Wow did it make a difference.  Luckily my husband got called off work, because we tore it up.  We also worked on 3 area in our dining room and rearranged our dinning room.  When I stopped and looked this morning I did about 6 things on my list.  Way more than I thought it would. Yes I do beleive this is it I will keep what I organized clean and add to it alittle everyday.   Maybe I can do this mom thing.

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