Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Let me start by saying I am not pregnant!  The last couple weeks have been strange but usual.  I get up run around like crazy all day get home usher the kids straight upstairs and never even look at my kitchen dining room or living room.  I can barely get them washed and in bed before I fall asleep.  All while I have a headache and generally feel crappy.  So of course I mention that I'm not feeling well and of course everyone response with "Are you sure your not pregnant?"  This question alone would not bother me, especially since we have 3 kids already.  Its not unheard of for me to be pregnant.  The really strange and disturbing thing is that the universe seems to be posing the same question.  Suddenly we started getting formula samples and welcome gifts from both Enfamil and Similac.  Every couple days we get something new.  My husband actually thought maybe I was trying to break it to him gently.  Then just as I find a way to explain this weirdness away.  I get an email from the hospital where my two younger children were born saying information for your new addition.  It was all about how they have changed the baby photographer and how pictures are taken.  It also had some general information you may have forgotten about what your birth experience will be like with them.  They can't wait to see you and your new addition.

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